And why I’m just fine with that, thank you very much

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  • I read great (and not so great medium articles) on a variety of topics
  • I commented where I had something to say
  • I clapped where I felt it had been earned
  • I wrote and posted stories (very occasionally)
  • I read more about changes to Medium and peoples earnings dropping as a result and took no action as a result
  • Most of all, I didn’t treat Medium as a money making tool so I didn’t make a…

No Longer Earth’s Most Customer Centric Company

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  • 1–2 delivery on most items; in some cases same day (in certain regions)
  • Great prices
  • A wide variety of items; of unusual as well as ‘stock’ items
  • Subscribe and Save to make regular purchases easier
  • An…

Apple’s goal to actively encourage screen time

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A detailed review of what it is and what it does!

My H6L Brompton Electric

A tool for every job

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How I use the iPad 12.9 inch in the real world

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Are we in the age of buying performance improvements?

Rocky (Sylvester Stallone, left) and Drago (Dolph Lundgren) square off in “Rocky IV.” Credit:MGM

It seems to me that people find it easier to buy improvements.

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Don’t let a mortgage limit your life choices

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Robert Craig

"Not Doing it for the Clicks" Stories based on my experiences; making sense of the world of work. Gen Xer - Technology/Personal Development/Careers/Talent

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