I Have Zero Goals For My Writing

Robert Craig
2 min readJun 12, 2020

(But I do have an aim)

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I read so many articles about those who schedule their day around their writing, social activities and sport/health etc. Good for them; seriously. I’m a big advocate for getting yourself together. But that’s not me. No getting up at 5pm to have a detox smoothie before hitting the gym and then writing for 4 hours solid!

Because I have a day job. And I have a family. And frankly, they take precedence. Always; no question.

But I do write and I do have ideas to share so I’ll do this on my terms, with no daily goals or word counts. No run streaks and self congratulatory milestones. I’m going to continue to focus on my family and my career. And if I publish once a week, that’s awesome (provided it’s something good!).

But I do have an aim. Aims are good.

Aims give you direction of travel and purpose.

It won’t give you the tactics to make all the steps to grow your audience, or have 100k followers. It it gives you a reason, a purpose. And whilst writing is something on the side for me, that’s enough.

My aim, my reason, my purpose. Simple. I want to overpay on my mortgage and practice getting better at writing by sharing my stories.



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