Let Me Tell You How I Didn’t Become A Millionaire On Medium

And why I’m just fine with that, thank you very much

Robert Craig
2 min readMay 8, 2021
Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

Are you sick of all the stories proclaiming success on Medium to earn massive amounts of money? Me too. Here’s what I did instead.

  • I read great (and not so great medium articles) on a variety of topics
  • I commented where I had something to say
  • I clapped where I felt it had been earned
  • I wrote and posted stories (very occasionally)
  • I read more about changes to Medium and peoples earnings dropping as a result and took no action as a result
  • Most of all, I didn’t treat Medium as a money making tool so I didn’t make a million bucks

And that’s ok. There must be hundreds of thousands of people ‘on’ Medium for reasons other than making money. For growth, for learning, for a community, for challenge.

Instead, I simply enjoy using Medium and happily pay my monthly subscription. I treat it as an experience, not a transaction.

Can you imagine walking into a store and the shopkeeper telling you how much money they are making from you as a customer. Weird.

Congrats to those who earn a living from Medium. And Kudos to those who are here for reasons other than the money — I trust you are enjoying it and are richer for it.



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